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We can help you gain peace of mind around your cancer medications

A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating and challenging for you and your loved ones. Your mind may be racing with questions about your cancer, your medications, possible side effects or about what to do next. You may feel lost, uncertain, confused, frightened, vulnerable, lonely, and upset. If any of this sounds familiar, we can help.

Extend Pharmacy has designed a new and unique way to help provide care to people with cancer in the community. With our Extended Cancer Care service, you will be partnered with an expert cancer pharmacist who will work closely with you and your family. Your cancer pharmacist will use their expertise to help improve your cancer treatment experience.

Our Extended Cancer Care Services

Designed to meet the needs of people in our community

Your Extended Cancer Care service package is created by the Extend Pharmacy team with you in mind and is the result of years of research and experience with providing care to people living with cancer.  

Your package includes:

A personal one hour consultation with an expert cancer pharmacist that:
  • Is for you and the friends or family of your choice
  • Is done in-person at Extend Pharmacy or by phone or virtual call
  • Is scheduled at a time convenient to you
  • Is provided in English or French
A treatment safety assessment including a medication interaction review (foods, medicines, vitamins, other medical conditions)

Your Extend pharmacist will thoroughly check to make sure your cancer medications ‘get along’ with your current prescription medications, vitamins, or natural health products. Your pharmacist is pleased to help advise you and your doctors of any changes that may be needed to help make sure your medications are safe and effective.


Teaching about your treatment and supportive care medications

Your Extend pharmacist will spend time to provide education and to review your cancer medication with you in order for you to know exactly how to take it to keep you and the members of your household safe. They will also teach you about any supportive care medications, like medications for nausea, diarrhea and more to make sure you are confident in managing common symptoms that may occur. 

A side effect monitoring and action plan

As a part of your teaching, your Extend Pharmacist will review what to watch for and possible side effects that can happen on your treatment. Our goal is for you to be informed and knowledgeable to help catch and treat side effects early before they become serious or interfere with your cancer treatment. Our team is also here to support you along the way if you have any questions. We want you to be able to take your cancer medications for the recommended dose and recommended length of time.


A vaccine and quit smoking assessment (if interested)
  • Having the recommended vaccinations is an important part of making sure the body and the immune system are ready to face some of the challenges that can come with cancer treatment. Your Extend pharmacist can inform you of which vaccines are recommended for you and your type of cancer treatment. Extend Pharmacy also has a vaccination room, and we are pleased to administer your vaccine(s) on site if interested.
  • If you smoke, we emphasize the important effect that quitting smoking has on the success of your cancer and treatment. If you are ready to quit or are interested in learning more, we can help.
The chance to have your questions answered (within the pharmacist’s scope)

We welcome any questions you may have about your cancer treatment. We strive to make sure you feel comfortable to ask us and that we take the time to ensure you and your family understand your treatments. If we do not know the answer on the spot, we will do our best to figure it out or point you in the direction of someone who may know.

Building a great relationship with your Extend Pharmacist

What a great opportunity to be matched with and have a one-on-one expert cancer pharmacist in your corner. The entire Extend Pharmacy team is accessible and able to help. Our patients have told us that having that highly personalized experience with one consistent professional who supports you, your family, and your concerns throughout your treatment is comforting and helpful.

Additional services

How to Receive Extended Cancer Care Services

Make an appointment for yourself or a loved one

What If Your Cancer Treatment, Chemotherapy or Immunotherapy Is Administered Through an IV?

Although Extend Pharmacy does not dispense or prepare IV medications, we have found that many patients on these treatments are still interested in receiving Extended Cancer Care services and support in the community. We are pleased to offer the above Extended Cancer Care consultations to any interested patient (regardless of your type of treatment) for a professional service fee of $179 (plus applicable taxes).

Is Your Treatment a Cancer Pill or a Take-home Cancer Drug?

As an Accredited Pharmacy in Ontario, we are specialized in preparing and dispensing cancer pills with your needs in mind while ensuring industry standards for the safety of you and your loved ones are followed. We believe that everyone receiving a take-home cancer drug should have access to these services to help support their treatment at home.

We are pleased to offer our Extended Cancer Care services at no additional charge for people who get their eligible take-home cancer drugs dispensed at Extend Pharmacy. We are also pleased to offer take-home cancer medication delivery services directly to your home for our patients anywhere in Ontario at no additional cost.

Please note that the cost of your prescribed cancer take-home medication itself depends on your insurance coverage and may be a separate cost. Medication-access specialists will likely be helping you to get your medications covered as best as possible.

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