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Peace of Mind for Your Patients Prescribed Take-home Cancer Drugs

The avenue for trusted, standardized, up to date expert cancer care for patients in your practive living with cancer.

The cancer care landscape is becoming progressively complex, individualized, and virtual. It feels as though practice is becoming busier with increasing administrative challenges and emphasis on emerging therapies, genetic and molecular investigations, and personalized treatment strategies. 

Interdisciplinary collaboration is required to meet best-practice recommendations for patients prescribed take-home cancer drugs. Extend Pharmacy’s Extended Cancer Care process is thoughtfully designed by specialized cancer pharmacists, to consistently meet these requirements. Our standardized approach promotes safety via clinical treatment verification, timely distribution, patient education, longitudinal pharmacy monitoring and holistic support within the community.  

Your patients and their families will receive an initial hour-long consultation with an expert cancer pharmacist who is experienced in the patient’s cancer type and treatment. A thorough consultation including a patient assessment and drug interaction analysis will be returned to the referring physician for their care records. 

What Is the Cost?

There is no additional cost for referred patients prescribed take-home cancer drugs. Patients will receive the above Extended Cancer Care services included with their medication dispensing. 

Additionally, since we have received requests to extend these services to patients receiving parenteral cancer treatments, we offer a fee-for-service consultation to this population as well. 

Referral Is Easy

Extend Pharmacy does not have a formal affiliation with any institutional practice site, and is agnostic to any individual insurance provider, drug manufacturer or distribution network. This means we are able to provide care to patients prescribed various types of take-home cancer drugs.

Our team only requires the cancer medication prescription for the take-home cancer drug, and supportive care medications if desired, to start the Extended Cancer Care process.


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