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Extend Pharmacy

A pharmacy designed for cancer care

Extend Pharmacy does not look like your typical pharmacy. Located on the 3rd floor of the Smyth Medical Building, there is no foot traffic of people passing by. The space is dedicated to people who are undergoing cancer therapy and for their loved ones who may accompany them.

Extend Pharmacy does not have a front store, and includes several private counseling rooms for consultations with specialized pharmacists. There is a small dispensary located inside as well. We hope that the space provides a calming, private, and supportive atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

If you live outside of Ottawa or do not like driving around the city, all of our Extended Cancer Care services are offered over the telephone or through virtual appointment as well. In addition, we are pleased to provide a direct-to-your-door take-home cancer drug prescription delivery service at no extra charge to all of our patients.

Extend Pharmacy - Consultation Room

What Is an Oncology Pharmacist? 

Experts in your cancer medications

Did you know that pharmacists with an expertise in cancer are often involved in your cancer treatment? Depending on where you receive treatment, you may or may not meet them as a part of your care. Cancer medications can be very complex and require a lot of extra review and attention to make sure they are appropriate, safe and agree with your other medications. At an oncology pharmacy, the cancer pharmacists ensure that this is done, in addition to providing education and ongoing support to patients and cancer care providers, and are a very valuable part of your cancer care team. Our goal is to help ensure that cancer pharmacists are accessible to you at all times and that they are engaged as a core member of your care and support team(s). 

Introducing our Extend Pharmacist Team

Jason Wentzell

Jason is the Founder of Extend Pharmacy and is experienced in the ‘solid tumour’ cancer area. He is very familiar with how to prevent and manage side effects from cancer medications. He is also a proud Nova Scotian and will welcome your visit with that famous East Coast hospitality.


Meghan Hayes

Meghan has practiced many years as a pharmacist in drug information, as well as community pharmacy. She is Extend Pharmacy’s Manager of Operations, bilingual in English and French, and strives to ensure each patient receives the care that they deserve. She is also an animal-lover, so please feel free to bring up your pet at your appointment.

Tina Crosbie

Tina is a long-time hematology pharmacist with a wealth of knowledge and experience. She enjoys connecting with local patient support groups to ensure patients get the most benefit from cancer therapy. Tina is from Newfoundland and she loves spending time outside – kayaking and skating. 

Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany has practiced as a hematology pharmacist and is now working with patients going through a blood and marrow transplant. With a masters in epidemiology, she has a passion for research to help improve the quality of care our patients receive.

Joy Rashid

Joy is an experienced hematology pharmacist who is bilingual in English and French. She is Extend Pharmacy’s Social Media professional and is truly a ‘joy’ to be around. Joy will ensure you understand your medications inside and out.

Erin Francis

Erin is an experienced oncology pharmacist. Throughout her career, she has been working with patients receiving anticancer treatments, including blood and marrow transplant. In addition, Erin holds a Masters in Epidemiology and spearheads our educational platform, which provides our pharmacists with evidence-based information surrounding cancer treatments and symptom management.

Lauren Hutton

Lauren works collaboratively and remotely with our team and has been involved in improving pharmacy cancer care from coast-to-coast. She brings vision and ambition to our partnering company, Extend Health Solutions and specializes in turning new ideas and services into reality for our patients. 

Rabia Sadiq

Rabia is an experienced pharmacist with expertise in both the community and oncology setting who provides a warm voice and welcoming face to our new patients at Extend. Rabia continues to use her knowledge of digital design programs to improve the workflow processes at Extend and ensure the best patient care possible.

Nimisha Desai

Nimisha is a new graduate of the University of Waterloo Pharmacy Doctorate program. Nimisha has been providing care at Extend since her clinical rotations. Nimisha has also played an integral part in developing the symptom boxes designed to help patients manage their treatment symptoms.

Quyen Nguyen

Quyen is a new graduate of the University of Waterloo Doctorate of Pharmacy program who has been providing care at Extend since her clinical rotations. Alongside her colleague, Quyen has taken the lead on curating symptom packages to improve symptom management for patients.

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