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The Extend Pharmacy Story

Bringing experience in cancer care to the community

Cancer treatment is not only becoming more effective, but is also becoming more complicated, personalized, and expensive. Many new cancer treatments are cancer pills, called take-home cancer drugs, that people are responsible for taking in the comfort of their own home. Many of these medications can have complicated instructions, potentially serious side effects, interactions with foods, certain natural products and could be dangerous to other members in the household.

Our team recognized that patients have access to knowledgeable health providers and excellent care in hospitals and cancer care centres, but challenges often occur when patients and families are at home, away from healthcare professionals. Community pharmacists are an excellent and accessible resource, but are not always trained, up to date, or have access to the detailed health information required to provide accurate and timely advice around new cancer treatments and side effect management.

What do you do if you have specific questions about your cancer treatment, are experiencing side effects, or need more guidance and support to help ensure your treatment is safe and successful?

To help address this growing problem, our team of experienced cancer specialty pharmacists started a new and innovative healthcare offering at Extend Pharmacy. Our goal is to help bring specialized cancer care to those in the community by providing Extended Cancer Care services for patients and their loved ones experiencing cancer treatment and its impacts at home.

Who we are

Cancer-Focused, Person-Centred

We are a pharmacunlike any other pharmacy that you have ever seenOur focus, our expertise, and our passion is to provide excellent care to people affected by cancer.  

Our Extend Pharmacy team has over 45 years of combined experience in providing pharmacy care to patients with all types of cancer in Ottawa. Our team is passionate about helping and teaching you, answering your questions, providing individualized advice and making sure your cancer medications are being safely used in your home. 

Pharmacy Service

What we do

We provide Extended Cancer Care

What is Extended Cancer Care? It is Extend Pharmacy’s unique, specially developed, and refined care process, which helps ensure that each of our patients receives individual, consistent, timely, and high-quality cancer care. Extended Cancer Care makes our pharmacy different from others and helps bring safety and peace of mind to our patients and their families.   

Thanks to our specialized pharmacists, we are able to review and safely dispense your take-home cancer drug and provide close monitoring and follow up support during your treatment.      

We work in a collaborative way with your existing doctors and cancer care team to help ensure you are receiving provincial recommendations for best cancer care practices to keep you and your family informed, supported and in control of your treatment.

For Patients & Families

Extend Pharmacy has designed a new and unique way to help provide care to people with cancer in the community. With our Extended Cancer Care service, you will be partnered with an expert cancer pharmacist who will work closely with you and your family.

For Pharmacists

The Extend Cancer Pharmacy Network offers a range of flexible cancer-focused services designed to collaboratively support frontline pharmacists in real-time with their provision of care to their patients with cancer in the community.

For Physicians

Your patients and their families will receive an initial hour-long consultation with an expert cancer pharmacist who is experienced in the patient’s cancer type and treatment.

Bringing Cancer care to the Community