Introduction & Background

Cancer-Focused, Patient-Centred

The Canadian cancer care landscape is rapidly evolving with an increasing emergence of take-home cancer drugs.

To help ensure patients receive safe and effective treatments at home, a comprehensive and collaborative approach to community cancer care is required.

Extend Pharmacy supports a new pharmacist-based referral, consultation & dispensing practice that helps to deliver specialized and individualized cancer care for patients in the community.

Our vision is to enhance the patient experience and improve the quality of community cancer care through collaboration, engagement and empowerment of patients & care providers.

Who we are

Extend Pharmacy is a group of pharmacists with significant oncology experience who have designed a new, collaborative health service model to provide cancer care, education and therapeutic monitoring to patients receiving take-home cancer drugs in our Ottawa region.

What we do

Extend Pharmacy will work closely with eligible patients, their caregivers and their cancer care team in a unique clinic setting to offer a patient-centred experience that is consistent with Cancer Care Ontario’s Guiding Principles and Best Practice Recommendations surrounding take-home cancer drugs. Patients receiving take-home cancer drugs may refer-themselves through completing a booking for a welcome call or first consultation through this website or be referred to Extend Pharmacy by their cancer doctor.  Appointments are flexible and can be scheduled at a time that is convenient to the patient and their involved caregivers.  Patients (and accompanying friends and/or family) will receive thorough in-person consultation and teaching sessions, followed by the enactment of an Extended action and monitoring plan to help optimize our patient’s safety and treatment success.

Where we are located

Extend Pharmacy is located within the Smyth Medical Building, at the corner of Smyth & St. Laurent Blvd, just up the street from the Region’s largest Cancer Centre. Extend Pharmacy is designed to offer a comforting, peaceful and private setting for patients and families to learn about take-home cancer drugs and supportive care medications.

Our goal

Is to help and empower patients and their caregivers to receive timely access, thorough education and essential monitoring of take-home cancer drugs. We aim to help reduce preventable side effects, prevent unplanned emergency room and hospital visits and help our patients to have the best possible chance of treatment success 

The cost?

There are no additional costs or fees to eligible patients receiving take-home cancer drugs, their families or to local Cancer Program for Extend Pharmacy services.

We strongly believe that access to expertise and support surrounding your take-home cancer medication is an important part of treatment for all patients and families. Depending on many medication and insurance-related factors, patient costs may result from the prescribed take-home cancer drug itself, but there will be no additional charge for provided cancer-care services if the referred prescription is filled at Extend Pharmacy.

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